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  are delighted to announce the third annual 'Roads Closed' exhibition raised £1757 for the organisations it supports - namely the Rob Vine Fund, the Manx Grand Prix Supporters Club Helicopter Fund and the Southern 100 Helicopter Fund. Held on the galleried first floor of St Ninian's Church under the unique stained glass windows featuring TT racing scenes,  the exhibition featured over 200 pieces of spectacular and varied road racing photography and art.  Contributors included members of, other invited professional and semi professional bike sport photographers and the artists John Hancox, Billy Art and Kirsten Harrison.


The exhibition was open for nine days of the TT Festival, with an official opening held on Friday 2nd June,  and broadcast live on Gail Richard's show on Biker FM.  Among the guests were representatives of the benefiting road racing organisations (Dr. David Stevens, Rob Vine Fund; Bob Taylor, MGPSC; Phil Edge, S100) and various riders who support the work of - Ian Mackman, Paul Owen, Chris Mitchell, Phil Harvey, Neil Gregory and Nuno Caetano.

As well as money raised from the small admission fee, visitors were also invited to take part in a raffle to win the signed, hand drawn, original cartoon 'Streamlining' by Holger Aue as seen in the Official TT Programme. The winning ticket was drawn at the end of the exhibition by Bruce Anstey under the watchful eye of Stephen Bower of German Fastbike Magazine, who facilitated the donation of the fabulous prize.

Part of the cartoon was used on several distinctive banners, positioned in the paddock and outside of the church and kindly produced for us by In a new initiative for this year, also had a range of road racing merchandise on sale in the exhibition and a proportion of their takings have generously been donated to the overall amount raised.

It was a privilege to have on display pictures of Karsten Schmidt, a popular TT racer who suffered an horrendous crash at Barregarrow in 2010. members Stephen Bower and Brian Moore, who both live in Germany, were invited by Karsten and his wife Simone to meet up with them, take some photos and convey their messages of thanks for all the support they have received to the TT fans at this year's event.

The feedback from visitors to the exhibition was incredibly positive and as well as appreciating the photography and artwork, many took time to enjoy the TT cafe run by the parishioners of St Ninian's and use the free wifi.

Plans are already underway for next year's event which promises to be even bigger thanks to several offers of further sponsorship, but in the meantime look out for more stunning photography in the 2013 calendar coming this autumn!

Thanks to:

Venue:  Reverend John Coldwell & Family, The Parishioners of St Ninian's

The Photographers:  Brian Bain, Stu Baker, Stephen Bower, John Coldwell, Emily Coldwell, Kev Collier, Peter Corlett,  Juan Cregeen, Warren Cullen, Peter Faragher, Andy Findlay, Lenny Hartley, Brian Kneale, Russ Lee, Mick Lobley, Martyn Parnell, Tom Reed, John Turton, Steve Parker, Baylon McGaughey, Mike Yiend & Mark Gardner.

The Artists: John Hancox, Kirsten Harrision, Billy Art.

Sponsors:, David and Joyce Plant, Alistair Bell and Laura Gallagher, The Moore Family, John Turton Photography, Zurich International Life, Hancox Art, Lincolnshire Meat Company

Publicity: Gail Richards & Biker Fm; Dan Walker, Charlie Lambert, Chris Kinley and Roy Moore at Manx Radio TT 365; Erin Thomas & Davy Hamilton of Emerald Road Racing Magazine, Mannin Media, Motorcycle Racer Magazine;